The Company

Shatban is a senior reliable construction company which has been operating for decades and being among the first companies in Israel to plan and execute Demolition-Construction projects abiding NOP 38.
Shatban runs by Shaul Shteckler, a senior contractor and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the field, a member of Israel Builders Association, Irgoon Ha'kablanim Veha'Bonim and the National Outline Plan 38 for the seismic strengthening of existing buildings Committee (NOP 38). The company is a registered contractor number 27358 (branch 100).
As part of its work the company develops and invests in real estate projects, planning, advising and communicating with the appropriate authorities, as well as overseeing and managing projects. The company cooperates with top-of-the-line architects and professionals. The projects include rich and magnificent technical specifications, and the use of the highest quality of materials. Our projects' tenants will testify that they have the highest level of residency experience and quality of life.
Shatban works both as an entrepreneur and as an executive contractor, and specializes in resident buildings in Ramat-Gan, Givatayim and Tel-Aviv. Shatban also specializes in Demolition-Construction and Combination deals, apartment complexes, grounded villas, office buildings, building reinforcement (NOP 38) and building expansions.
As a company with decades of experience in construction and entrepreneurship, Shatban has proven financial stability. All of our projects are supported by the leading banks, so our clients can enjoy peace of mind and full confidence during every step of the project.